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If you have any questions, suggestions or other feedback. Don't hesitate to contact us!
We are open to suggestions for new brands, but cannot fulfil all requests. Please be considerate of the brands size and existing resources before requesting (e.g. we will not add Lego or Barbie).

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About Us

We are Ossie and Ilona and we're from the Netherlands. Since 2023 we run The Toy Pool, along with several sister sites. Ever since we started expanding from our first database MLP Merch to more brands like Monster High and Littlest Pet Shop, it was our dream to develop a hub for smaller toy lines, that would otherwise not get their own website.
Why? Because our other sites take months to develop, but with The Toy Pool we lowered that time to days. With that we can enable everyone to keep track of their collection of newer, smaller and lesser known brands as well.

What We Do

We are The Toy Pool and our mission is to archive toy lines in an accessible way. This spans more popular lines like MGA's Rainbow High to older series such as Moose Toys' Zelfs.
We provide an option to start your own checklist and wishlist of the merch on our site, so you can keep track of what you have or want! On top of that you can also share your lists, create additional lists and add personal notes for all entries.
And our website is mobile friendly, so you can see our complete database on the go, or take a look at your checklist while hunting for new merch!

Checklist & Wishlist

Keeping track of your The Toy Pool merch is easy! Manage your own checklist & wishlist, share them with your friends, print it out or create a dynamic forum banner!
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